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April Newsletter

Hello Flower Friends🌸 Our monthly meeting was moved over to an online/virtual submission this month. There were just so many public holidays and families taking the opportunity to be together over the Easter period.

Our theme this month was the Children's day festival “Tango no Sekku” or “Kodomo no Hi” which is celebrated on the 5th of May. We took this time and opportunity to honour the male figures in our lives by including the colour blue into our arrangements. Traditionally, blue Irises are used in an Ikebana arrangement to celebrate Tango-no-sekku. The use of Japanese Iris is a way to wish for the healthy growth of all boys, and it is also believed to also dispel evil spirits. In some regions of Japan, they are planted into the eaves of houses and strewn into bath water on Boys’ Day. The Japanese Iris symbolizes the bravery/courage of boys, the Iris represents tall, upright young men, and the leaves are their swords. Unfortunately in South Africa at this time it is very difficult to find blue Irises and this is why the colour blue was to be used in our arrangements.

Please diarize the last Monday of May which is

Monday 30th May for our next meeting.

I will send out a note regarding our theme for that morning.

We welcome visitors/new comers to our mornings so please feel free to contact myself should you wish to join us.



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