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Ikebana International Johannesburg Chapter #110

As the President of the Johannesburg Ikebana Chapter, my heart is filled with joy and gratitude as I write this month’s post.

The Chapter held its first exhibition at the end of September in over two years due to covid restrictions.

This was a joint exhibition with Shibui Bonsai Kai society. It was great to make new connections with the Bonsai members and it was heart warming to meet face to face with our Ikebana friends.

There is always that crazy buzz on setup day as the hall at Emmarentia was slowly coming together to create a harmonious space between Bonsai and Ikebana. The exhibition opened to the public on the Saturday and from the time of opening there was a happy stream of people coming and going. Having these two art forms together created an interesting platform for conversation. As the Bonsai enthusiasts were not only intrigued with the beautiful trees on display but so many were now interested to hear about Ikebana.

Overall it was a really great exhibition which I hope would lead to a renewed interest in Ikebana and to new members.

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