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February Meeting 2022

Greetings Flower Friends🌸

Going back to the basics - this was the theme for our monthly meeting.

What does it actually mean to “go back to the basics” - It means to return to a simpler way of doing something or thinking about something.

Ikebana is a wonderful creative art and it’s so easy to get lost in our own expressive process when creating our arrangements that sometimes we tend to loose focus on the simplicity that initially was Ikebana.

Don’t get me wrong I love the modern/avant-garde arrangements and the use of unconventional materials but nothing beats a classic basic arrangement where you can clearly see the line and enjoy the beauty of the chosen flower.

In class we took a step back to relearn the fundamental elements of what makes up a basic Ikebana arrangement. This included the placing of the three main lines (Shin, Soe & Hikae), and understanding that their positions and angles change through a variety of compositions. The points of insertion of these main stems on the Kenzan should form a triangle.

Flash cards were handed out to the members which had a chosen arrangement printed on it, anything from a basic to one of the variations.

Once members completed their arrangement they were asked to explain the angles of the main stems as well as the position of the Kenzan.

It was a good morning going over the various Kakeiho styles.

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